Ultrathin electronic tattoos for wearable computing

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering are using an off-the-shelf printer to develop robust, highly flexible, tattoo-like circuits for use in wearable computing. The low-cost process adds trace amounts of an electrically-conductive, liquid metal alloy to tattoo paper that adheres to human skin. These ultrathin tattoos can be applied easily with water, the […]

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David Takor

Social Media Marketing a solution to financial institutions

The social media has evolved so fast in recent years and has arguably completely integrated itself in the financial world. It is time for the financial institutions to take advantage. With improved targeting, enhanced advertising, compliance support, developments in ROI tracking and more, social media now has the potential to play a meaningful role in […]

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DeusTech : The Republic of Technology

The simplest form of technology is the development and use of basic tools. The prehistoric discovery of how to control fire and the later Neolithic Revolution increased the available sources of food, and the invention of the wheel helped humans to travel in and control their environment. Developments in historic times, including the printing press, […]

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Welcome To DEUS TECH

Editorial Interview with CEO Deus Tech Editor: Hello good morning sir how are you today Tabe Rawlings: Im fine thank you and you? Editor: im good as well. Well I think before we start our readers will love to know who the CEO of Deus Tech is. Tabe Rawlings: haha well true. Im Tabe Rawlings […]

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